Jordan Elizabeth Alexander
Jordan Alexander
Gender Female
Occupation Trauma Attending
Age 30's
Status Alive
Relatives Father, deceased

Misscarried Pregnancy (with TC Callahan)

Significant Other(s) TC Callahan - (

Boyfriend, in love with, soulmate, it’s complicated)
Scott Clemmens - (Ex-Boyfriend)
Sam - (Ex-Boyfriend)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Resurgence
Actor Jill Flint

Jordan Elizabeth Alexander is an ER doctor and former head of the ER night shift. Jordan is the on and off girlfriend of TC Callahan and ex girlfriend of surgeon Scott Clemmens.

Jordan and TC met sometime in college or med school and were together prior to and during TC’s time in the military. When TC returned from the war it was Jordan and Topher who helped him find his way.

Jordan’s father died because he refused medical treatment and chose prayer instead. This partially influenced Jordan's decision to become a doctor.

Jordan and TC kiss after the big storm passes.

Jordan’s best friend is EMT Gwen Gaskin.

Jordan and TC got back together during the season 2 premiere. Jordan gets pregnant but miscarries the baby. TC proposes at the season finale but she rejects. In season 4 she gets back together with TC.